A Little Something Sew Different

I’ve been extremely busy lately so it felt great to create something, especially with fabric for a change. long before I started card making I sewed but after my severe RA diagnosis and surgeries I gave it up. but I missed it. so, I traded my decades old manual sewing machine for a computerized one – what a difference; I can sew again.

I started out with making face masks and have moved on to small projects just as a refresher and to learn to use my new machine. these ‘itty bitty boxy bags’ were fun to make and I’ll definitely be making more; I followed this video tutorial.

itty bitty fabric pouch

of course I had to make a sunscreen lip balm holder and I challenged myself to sew with cork; I followed these instructions.

lip balm holder

thanks for popping by.


3 thoughts on “A Little Something Sew Different

  1. How nice to go back to an old favourite craft Linda, some of these new machine look amazing and what pretty little bags you have made.

    I used to cross stitch and early in lockdown when I couldn’t get my head round crafting/cardmaking I ordered some Poppy cross stitch only to realise my eyes and fingers are not up to it anymore, maybe if I can add a few stitches a day it might get finished eventually.

    B x

  2. OMG : ) These little bags are a total WoW ! They look so well made ( just like your cards ). And sewing the cork 😳 that most of been a challenge ! Linda, I am soooo happy for you that you are rediscovering the pleasure of sewing . . .

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