i own the copyright to all content, including designs, text and photos, unless otherwise stated, on this blog. please respect my right to my own material and the right to decide how it will and will not be used.

accordingly, please do not use or copy any of my material without my permission or claim it as your own to submit to contests, challenges, publications and pinterest. my permission is implied when i submit my creations to challenges that pin to their own boards.

thank you for respecting my intellectual property and for understanding.

updated: october 26, 2015:

the Stamp Out Stamp Theft artists’ group, formed by Mo Manning, has been raising awareness about the theft of artists’ digital images since january 2011.

i am raising awareness that card designers are artists too.

card designers are artists too

in january 2012, i started a thread on splitcoaststampers regarding this hot topic after someone CASEd one of my cards without permission and passed it off as her own. some vociferous protesters believe if something’s on the ‘net, it’s there to be CASEd – an acronym with varied meanings, depending on one’s perspective; others were petty and chastised or mocked me for my position.

just because my car is parked in a public parking lot doesn’t mean it’s there for the taking.

to avoid any further confusion here, i am not referring to being inspired to use a certain artist’s image, products or colours; only the copyright infringement of a card design.

i respect the creative soul and the expressions thereof; it is out of respect that i ask others to do the same for me.

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