CASEd With Permission

birthday card featuring girl carrying pile of presents with enjoy sentiment
this week’s penny black saturday challenge is to CASE-IT – a card by DT member beth, which i followed quite literally so it came together quickly. i can understand why people CASE cards – someone else does the work; however, all over blog land, i notice and respect the copyright owner’s right to decide what they will or will not allow regarding their own creations.

i recently started a thread on splitcoaststampers regarding this hot topic after someone CASEd one of my cards without permission and passed it off as her own. some vociferous protesters believe if something’s on the ‘net, it’s there to be CASEd – an acronym with varied meanings, depending on one’s perspective; others were petty and chastised or mocked me for my position.

to avoid any further confusion here, i am not referring to being inspired to use a certain product or colours; only the CASEing without permission and copyright infringement.

i respect the creative soul and the expressions thereof; it is out of respect that i ask others to do the same for me. thanks for popping by.