Product Review – DYMO Label Writer

if you follow me you know i have posted about products that are useable by me along with reasons why others are not. in addition to having severe RA i’m still trying to find the right balance between playing creating and working staying organized but my new label printer has been a big help.

i’ve been using the DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Label Printer since i bought it during boxing week specials at last year and i love it:

  • it’s wireless
  • it’s a thermal printer so no ink or toner is used
  • i can use the software on my mac with my full keyboard
  • and an app on my iPhone and iPad with my apple keyboard and/or dictate
  • it’s fast! according to the advertising, it prints about 71 labels per minute
  • the labels are easy to separate from the backing paper
  • no batteries
  • easy touch buttons

why not other machines?

my first labeller was the Brother p-touch 90, but i wasn’t using it very much. any task that requires fine motor skills is difficult and sometimes painful, not to mention very time consuming – it took me just over 3 minutes to create one label. in that time, the DYMO LW would have printed over 200. the keyboard is so small, there is not enough of a contrast on the view screen, and separating the label from the backing paper was extremely challenging.

i did try label sheets but aligning portions of sheets was difficult, also very time consuming and used ink and/or toner.

i want to spend my time and energy doing what i love so for me this is the ideal label printer.

thanks for popping by.