No Touch Typing Testing My Patience

hi everyone, as a person with a disability, i create when i can with what i can; you’d be surprised by some of the paper crafting tools that are not designed with universal access in mind. one major company even told me that if a child can do it, i should be able to; with that kind of attitude, chances are they’ll never work toward inclusivity.

commenting has been more difficult lately because of my hands, so i ordered voice recognition software and then a microphone, but i developed a rash, which may or may not be due to the materials so the company is sending me a replacement. in the meantime, i’m not using my software and that means i’ll fall even further behind. i always enjoy seeing your cards in my reader (when that behaves), so i just wanted to explain why i haven’t been around. once my new microphone arrives and i spend time on the learning curve, i’ll visit again. as always, thanks for popping by.

4 thoughts on “No Touch Typing Testing My Patience

  1. Sorry to hear about your frustration with the voice recognition software! A close friend of mine has a slow form of ALS and she too has voice recognition software.I know there was a learning curve for her and her voice software recognition. Best of luck!

  2. I’ve only just seen your post Linda and so sorry to hear you’re not getting on with the voice recognition program so far. I do hope it sorts itself as I’m finding it invaluable……….. so long as I speak properly !

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    B x

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