Day 4 – 30 Day Colouring Challenge

i’m playing along with kathy racoosin’s 30 day colouring challenge to spend at least 5 minutes a day doing what makes you happy – colouring! as i mentioned yesterday, i may not be able to complete a card a day due to time constraints, my RA and generally, just because i’m a slow card maker.

this is all i had time for today – i painted a sky with watercolour paints to use as a background.

watercolour sky

thanks for popping by.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – 30 Day Colouring Challenge

  1. Hi Linda–This post is such a comforting one: I am a slow card maker, too. Sometimes I wonder if there are others out there in the world like me, and why do I take so long? Sigh…..

    However, perhaps it is because we think methodically and invest all of ourselves in the process…ultimately resulting in a card that someone cherishes for a lifetime.

    Looking forward to seeing what cards you make in the future; this one’s off to a good start.

  2. By the way, I forgot to mention that I have read your background story…but I still think that some people just put more of themselves into the card making process…or anything that is of interest to them. :)

  3. what a beautiful bg this will make, Ms. linda. You’ll be half way there once you added your image/s.

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