Bunnies Are Precious Pets

i’m a dog person, even though i grew up with dogs, cats, fish, and a cat that tried to catch the fish.

but then my daughter adopted a baby bunny and later rescued another from a shelter named skippy; it was amazing to see him transform from a shy bunny not wanting to venture much beyond the security of his cardboard box to the sweetest little ‘goofball,’ so happy to entertain us and make us laugh.

i knew bunnies were cute, but i had no idea how smart they are. when i called to video chat, skippy would put his face right up to the web cam and sit and listen to my boring stories about the projects i was working on; it was funny how responsive he was.

unfortunately, skippy passed away last week and i will miss him terribly.


4 thoughts on “Bunnies Are Precious Pets

  1. Linda, such a wonderful tribute to your rabbit. No matter what the pet is they come into our homes and take over our hearts and each loss is heartbreaking. I remember too well the heartbreak when my sons lop eared dwarf rabbit ‘loopy’ died. I cried with him and felt his pain with his best friends absence for a long time. There will come a time when you can talk about the funny things they did without feeling the ache but it will take time. Take care.

  2. I’m a dog strictly a dog person, but I don’t lack any understanding about pets. It doesn’t matter what kind of a pet it is, they become a part of our lives. They make us smile and laugh and what’s not great about that? They’re treasures in our lives, however temporary. I am so sorry for the loss of this sweet little bunny. Hugs Anne

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