How I Now Roll

i’ve sometimes mentioned that i have severe RA (rheumatoid arthritis), an aggressive form that has had quite an impact on my daily life for almost 20 years now. initially, i resisted making any changes to my activity level, but in time i had no choice but to accept my limitations because of lack of mobility, deformed joints, pain, surgeries, etc.

while i enjoy my creative outlet/card making, there are some tools or techniques that are difficult to use and i wish the manufacturers would consider principles of universal access. i have to balance play with rest, which means i create and post when i can and sometimes i colour an image over the course of a few days. i also don’t comment as often as people expect me to or as much as i wish i could, even though i enjoy my reader updates.

today, i have a new assistive device that should make getting out and about easier; it’s a rollator that replaces my cane and since i had my choice of ten colours, i chose kiwi green – it matches my twinkling H2O kiwi. :)rollatorthanks for popping by.

5 thoughts on “How I Now Roll

  1. Glad to hear that you chose a lovely kiwi green! Nice and cheerful! Take care, Lynda. I don’t have R.A, but I do have osteoporosis with a healed vertebrae facture, so I have an understanding of how challenging life can be. Good for you that you keep creating cards and doing your best! Hugs!

  2. So glad you’ll have this rollator to help you get out and about, and it’s a cute and pretty one! I love the kiwi green. :)

  3. Made me smile that you matched your H2O Kiwi Linda! I’m enjoying the Distress Ink color Twisted Citron too! So glad you’ve found something to help with the challenges you face getting out and about.

  4. So that’s what they call them, eh? Bet you’re a whiz on this going every which way in your craft studio. I’m glad you’ve been able to get one of these. Hopefully now you’re a full-fledged rollator driver. Did you need to get a license for this? Hugs. Enjoy the freedom this is certain to bring into your life.

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