Twinkling H20 Basics by Leslie “O” Inventor

i love watercolouring images and although i have a good supply of different companies’ products, my favourite is colourarte’s twinkling H2Os which i’ve been using now for years.

i know from reader comments that many people have them but they’re not being used; did you know you can use them on your rubber stamps? here’s a helpful how to video: Twinkling H20 Basics by Leslie “O” Inventor.

thanks for popping by.

2 thoughts on “Twinkling H20 Basics by Leslie “O” Inventor

  1. Thanks so much Linda. I watched the video and immediately realized I’ve never known how to use TW’s. I’m going to sign up for a class and order some of their products. I guess I just need lots and lots of time to play and experiment. Thanks again for the product intro and link. It’s great. Hugs Anne

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