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as mentioned in a previous post, i’ll be reviewing products that help rather than frustrate me as a paper crafter with severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

i thought i’d start my first monthly product review with a brand new product – the we r memory keepers precision press.

up until now, if i needed one, i used an L-shaped stamp positioner and i wasn’t convinced i needed any more tools, especially ones that might be useful to others but not useable by me.

luckily, my favourite local stamp store brought in the precision press at the end of october and although i’ve only used it a couple of times, i’m happy with it.

finally, an easy to tear open package that doesn’t require cutting all around the edges!!


we-r-memory-keepers precision press

i like many features of this tool: the thumb indent, grid markings, size and weight, rounded corners and the fact that both clear and cling stamps can be used on the same surface without having to add or take away a shim. additionally, the colours are pleasing to the eye, and provide a good amount of contrast between them.

why not others?

other tools have colours that would strain my eyes, lack enough contrast and require fine motor skills to pick up, place and remove magnets or change stamping surfaces. another tool would require grip strength to hold, align and press throughout the stamping process. i want a tool to work for me, not the other way around.

completely by coincidence, we r memory keepers are having a precision press giveaway on their blog.

thanks for popping by.

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