Product Review – Die Cutting Machines

for my second monthly product review, i’d like to mention a machine many of us paper crafters use every time we create.

i first started die cutting with a portable machine but die cutting became painful with my hands so i stopped embossing and using dies. after some research and considering online reviews, i bought a sizzix big shot that was so much more comfortable to use; it enabled me to use dies and embossing folders more frequently.

the handle alone made a big difference; the larger size with rounded edges are easy to grip and crank. i also like the longer platform to place the sandwiches on and i actually like the weight of the machine – it stays put.

portability doesn’t concern me because i wouldn’t be able to carry any machine around.

why not other machines?

suction is lost, allowing for movement of the machine, handles are small, have squared off edges that are difficult to grasp, and some have no platforms so the weight of the ‘sandwich’ must be borne by my hands and i would have to manipulate it entering and exiting the machine. i considered an electric machine, but a push button requires constant pressure that may cause further damage to already damaged joints.

one manufacturer demonstrated the ease of its machine online, so i telephoned to explain the risk of further joint damage but the rep was dismissive and insisted that if a young child could operate it, i should be able to.

making assumptions about one’s abilities is a stereotypical attitudinal barrier; what i need might be different for someone else, even another paper crafter with RA.

in my opinion, dismissing constructive and helpful feedback that would improve usability and universal access is just poor customer service.

thanks for popping by.

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