I’ll Be Back Soon

As you know, I’ve been away the last couple of months because my dad was in hospice with end stage kidney disease; he passed away October 21.

I’ll be back soon, even if it is just to post intermittently as I still have a lot to do.

Thanks for popping by.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back Soon

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father Linda. I know it is hard when we lose a loved one, but at least this terrible disease isn’t eating away at him anymore and he can be pain free in heaven now. I bet your son was there to great him too! Take care my friend and know that we care and send our deepest sympathies to you and yours. Love and hugs, Brenda

  2. Hooo ! Sooo sad ! I send strength, hope and peace your way. Take care of yourself, take all the time you need. I wish you courage 🦋

  3. Hi Linda, so sorry to hear of your dads passing. I just wanted to see you some virtual hugs and love sweet friend. I am currently sitting with mum as she battles on in the last stages of her Alzehimers . Life can feel so hard and lonely at times as we try to hold onto the happy memories of the past. Be well my friend. xx Aileen

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