Cased Christmas Card

the current caardvarks challenge is to create a card based upon one of the crew caards, and i chose to case heidi’s caard for a couple of reasons: it’s red and green, which i rarely use for Christmas cards, but always like it when others do; and it’s cas, although it took me several hours to make it.  my cast was removed on tuesday, so now it’s just a matter of adjusting to the fact that i’ll have limited use of my left hand and wrist – i’m rather proud of my one handed bow. :)  thanks for popping by.

2 thoughts on “Cased Christmas Card

  1. Awesome! Gorgeous bow, can’t believe you did it one-handed. The colours are so nice, traditional, and cheery! So Christmassy in every way. :)

  2. great card Linda…how are you doing?? Hope your arm is continuing to improve. I have been MIA lately….one of my families had head lice so I have been doing a ton of laundry, cleaning etc. and trying to finish up my projects for Innovative as well. Whew….
    Never enough time to fit it all in….
    Hope you are enjoying this weekend with our wonderful weather…….how unseasonable…just makes what’s coming next hard to take!

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