A Candle For My Son 2012

i know for many it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it isn’t for those of us who lost a child; every day is difficult and the holidays are just more difficult. it’s ironic that i make christmas cards year round, but then wish the holiday would just not take place. at 7 pm this evening, i’ll be lighting a candle to honour and remember my son and around the globe family and friends will create a virtual wave of candle light for one hour to honour and remember children who have died at any age from any cause.

and, as always, i’ll take one day at a time and escape momentarily into my card making world. thanks for popping by.

The Compassionate Friends

9 thoughts on “A Candle For My Son 2012

  1. Hugs to you & your family Linda!
    I’d never heard of this; I’ll light a candle.
    It’s 17 years for my son.
    It gets ‘easier’, it doesn’t get ‘better’.

  2. Linda you are in my thoughts, I don’t know how your feeling but can only assume it’s the most painful thing in the world.
    Tracy x

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