Pink Porta-Potties!!?

*this is a sticky post that will remain here until october 31*

every october,  pink ribbons and pink products are everywhere, but the canadian cancer society’s new fundraising campaign to “flush out cancer” with pink porta-potties is ridiculous.

cashiers in retail establishments ask, ‘would you like to donate to breast cancer?’ and i, in return, ask, ‘why would i donate to breast cancer? you mean for awareness? for research? for prevention? where does the money go?’

i always get the same answer, ‘those are good questions, i’ll let management know.’ great, thanks.

there is only one resource i turn to for unbiased information and that’s the Breast Cancer Action site and their Think Before You Pink® campaign. 

surely, consumers are aware of pinkwashing, but the pink month continues with some creative, but hardly entertaining, spins on the need for more funds – like pay up or the pink porta-potty remains on your lawn until you do.

2 thoughts on “Pink Porta-Potties!!?

  1. it’s so good to see your post about this! I get really sick and tired of the pink brainwashing too. The greed of the medical industry and that is what it is… an industry. So much info out there about the harm… just researching. Thanks for posting. So many ppl die from cancer treatment. So sad.

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