Product Review – Ink Blending Tools

paper crafting with RA means i create more slowly and, because of loss of function, some techniques are avoided because products are not useable by people with disabilities and they exacerbate pain.

sponging is one of those techniques that i stopped doing but i’ve discovered a helpful tool – the creative expressions mini smoothies:

i love these sponges! they are easy to grasp, dense, and hold more ink so less effort is required and the task is completed more quickly which means less pain. the smaller tip can be used for small areas like sponging paper while it is still in a die.

note: price above is canadian dollars and allergy alert: they are latex.

while not being completely scientific, i did use the same supplies for each test:

  • 140 lb. cold press watercolour paper
  • only one of each tool for two distress ink colours: picked raspberry and mustard seed and
  • penny black patina stencil.

as you can see from the examples above, they’re very similar; the difference was that the blending foam with handles took longer and required more pressure.

these are the picked raspberry and mustard seed distress inks blended together. i used the same sponge for both colours on each sample, deliberately not swiping the sponge on paper towels in between since i wanted a blend of the two. the colour in the bottom sample is slightly more intense because the sponge is easier to use so i spent more time blending. also, because i could hold the sponge close to the bottom i had more control and more success.

the daisy on the pink box, posted earlier today, was coloured in picked raspberry ink with a mini smoothie sponge:

MFT daisy box copyright linda

why not other tools?

the wooden handle is difficult to hold, the velcro requires a pinching and grasping motion to remove and since the foam holds less ink, it requires more time holding it in an awkward and painful position.

thanks for popping by and if you try these, let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Product Review – Ink Blending Tools

  1. Good review! I can see the difference; you got more saturation, and the stencil image came out clearer and more solid with the Smoothies. PS. the Smoothies are so cute!

  2. Thanks Linda. It is an eye opener. I wander if you could get the same result with make up sponge . . . some you can even get at a dollar store. As you mentioned the density of the sponge makes a difference. I also use Q-tips at times not to say tooth pick to apply Stickles. Anyhow I’m glad you are able to use these : ). We are the lucky ones that enjoy your art !!!

  3. Oh wow, I love the look you got with these sponges! I don’t ink blend much either for the same reasons-it is painful with my RA. But I so love the look of it. Good to know these sponges are out there and work so well. I just might have to invest in some! The daisy on your box turned out so beautiful. Yep, I need me some of these sponges. Thanks for the review Linda! Hugs, Brenda

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