In Loving Memory

It’s now been nine years since my son passed away from cancer.

copyright linda

this year’s card reflects the countless hours my son spent at the drafting table perfecting his art. back then, while he was illustrating, i was trying to learn how to use a computer and i was lucky he was close by. i needed a lot of guidance, not to mention assurance that i really didn’t break it. i always enjoyed my son’s choice of music while we both worked intently to achieve our goals; his art was in demand and was published and i learned to use the computer independently. i also learned to paint better when he offered me a brush to try.

i painted this penny black ‘designed by me’ wood stamp with a few watercolour media: twinkling H2Os, markers and watercolour pencils. i added the blue lines because my son used blue line paper to work on.

thanks for popping by.

10 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. That a lovely , cute card. I’m sorry for the loss of your son. There are no words for losing a child. Hugs and love.

  2. 😔 Another year already . . . art is a gift from God or from a mother to her son 😉 You guys made each other a better person . . . and for what I see , he is also part of you being a beautiful artist therefor he lives on 🙂 Love your choice of craft paper as the background which really makes the image pop. This card is heavenly beautiful 😘

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your son Linda! I didn’t know you lost a son to cancer. I’m so sorry, losing a child is the hardest. But I love the story you shared and I love this card which is representing your son and his art. How fun that he was published, talent must run in the family as his momma is pretty darn talented too. I’m happy your son got you to pick up a brush cause look at you now! Thank you for sharing this with us my friend, truly a touching a heartfelt post. Big hugs, Brenda

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your son Linda, to share that time together must have been so special and something very few of us get to have even when our children are here. He certainly helped you to extend yourself and find out what a talent you have for art always making the most beautiful cards. Hugs Aileen

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