Spirit Bear-ing Gift

it took me a while to come up with an idea for this month’s Essentials by Ellen Pin-Sights Challenge  these are the inspiration photos:


linda.snailzpace.wordpress.com pinsights sept2016

since i struggle with shabby chic, i found elements that inspired me: the stone wall, the wrapped gift and the blue/white colour combos. i painted the stones freehand with twinkling H2Os, and also used them to paint the bear, grass and gift. i masked the bear to add the gift, popped him with foam tape and layered him between the die cut grass hills.

fun fact: the spirit bear is actually a black bear but is white.

thanks for popping by.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Bear-ing Gift

  1. Won derful card Linda, love your scene. The black bear that is really white is that because of the reflection of the sunlight on the hair folicals or am I making that up!!!

    • hi aileen, apparently the colour is due to a double recessive gene. they are not albinos and not any more related to polar bears or the “blonde” brown bears of Alaska’s “ABC Islands” than other members of their species.

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